The great art of small works


Open call for pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools, citizens’ associations, children’s cultural centers, art studios

There are numerous domestic and international exhibitions of miniature and small format that artists can participate in, but children’s visual scene lacks a similar challenge. With this competition, we want children and their art educators to share their artworks with us. All children of the age of four to eighteen are welcome.

Mini restART is your exhibition where you will tell your great artistic stories and reveal all kinds of wonders of creativity to us, even it is the size of a hand. We do not doubt your imagination. Remember your first drawings, small in size, but great in meaning. A single line represented the whole world. Keep in mind that small format doesn’t limit you, since less can be more. Show your world in a creative way, explore techniques, be honest even if it is clumsy – it is brave to be who you are. Surprise us with your frankness, ideas, and most of all with your boundless freedom. We wish to learn a lot from you.

Art and visual culture are important segments of education and creative development of children. Each participant is the builder of our goal of creating a better cultural and social environment for growing up and living. We hope you will help us with your skills.

We are expecting you!

Educational and Creative Center RESTART


mini-restART-competition-english_001 mini-restart-proposition_1mini-restart-proposition_2mini-restart-tabeles